Vacation By V

About Us

My name is Vicky Spencer Rouse.  I own Special Needs Vacation By V.  I created the company after helping my mother, who had Parkinson’s Disease, travel with myself and 2 children.  I wanted Mom to experience the beach, weddings, and even Disney World with the girls.  In the early years we were kind of “feeling our way around” accessible travel, but then we figured out some tricks to make travel safe, fun, and less stressful.  Mom has passed, but I decided to turn this into a business.

I am very passionate about helping people who have “challenges” explore the larger world.  I have insight both as a care giver for Mom, and because i have my own limitations.  I was born without sight in my right eye, and a few other glitches.  I exceeded any predictions the Drs had for me, and want to share that position as well.  I believe if you say you Can do something, then I’ll find a way, but if you say you can’t do something then you are right.

Special Needs Vacation By V focuses on offering safe, accessible, positive travel experiences.  We have worked with lots of people who have different limitations, or challenges, and help with mobility issues and beyond.  Due to my own sight limitations I am keenly aware of helpful hints.  We also have visited, and tried out many of the accessible options in Disney World, Las Vegas, Cruise Ships and more.

Finally, I offer special Concierge Services beyond basic travel planning.  This may include coordinating rental equipment, searching for a great rental home, getting you accessible tickets to a ball game or theater, or even recommending a restaurant that would fit your diet restrictions.  Are you interested in talking about travel?  contact me at the above button to set up a free phone conversation.