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Surviving the Dog Days of Summer

  Surviving the “Dog Days” of summer It’s getting hot and muggy outside.  Late July into August is considered to be the Dog Days of summer…  when the temperature gets above 90 every day, and most people just want to stay cool. This is a particularly challenging time for people[…]

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Parkinson’s, Creativity, Travel and Mom

My mother had Parkinson’s Disease for 30 years. Mom was good about keeping up with her medications, which allowed her to continue many daily activities and go on trips to Europe with my sister, girl’s weekends to the lake, family outings, etc. Mom decided to start an organization, the Parkinson’s[…]

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CIty SIdewalks, Pretty Sidewalks in Chicago for the Holidays

Tis the season of festive parades, glittering lights, shopping galore and holiday treats and there is no better place to find such delectable delights than Chicago! Chicago is a fabulous place to be no matter the time of year, but at Christmas time it becomes even more special. Yes, it[…]

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