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Going to the Theater

A few years ago my Mom wanted to go to the theater to see Lion King with her grandkids. This was a wonderful idea, but since she was not walking well due to Parkinson’s Disease she needed to use a walker. Although the idea was loads of fun, and some of the grandkids came from out of town for the performance, it was also a bit stressful. Would mom be able to get into the building, and to her seat? What if she started having involuntary movements during the performance? Was this too much?

Well, as with many adventures we went for it. We learned a lot along the way. Here are some tips about attending performances with any kind of Special Needs person.

Talk to the ticket office about your specific needs. They may tell you a separate place to park, or an alternative entrance into the building.
Consider going to a Matinee. The daytime performances tend to be less crowded, less expensive, and less difficult, as it is light outside when you leave.
Be sure that you have a competent helper to be supporting the activity.
Leave early, and get there early. We found that being in a RUSH could become a disaster quickly.
Prepare ahead of time with communication, setting up necessary medication, and being excited about the adventure.
Now, in Louisville Kentucky we are blessed with both a regional theater, Actors Theater of Louisville (ATL} and the Kentucky Center For The Arts. Both locations have special accommodations for people with mobility, sight, and hearing challenges. The 2 theaters, which are located blocks away from one another, share equipment, such as the text to play, which describes the play, with actions and dialogue. They also have a few portable chairs so that if someone needs to stay in a wheelchair or scooter it is possible. On special dates, there are Signed Performances, where the entire production is signed. They also offer individual assistance.

This Year ATL is offering holiday performances of Dracula and A Christmas Carol. These are very popular and will be selling out quickly.

Actors Theater of Louisville’s link is…
The Kentucky Center for the Arts has the Broadway Series, as well as the Nutcracker, and a number of other entertaining productions


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