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Is an African Safari on your Bucket List?

Is an African Safari on your bucket list? Many people are interested in exploring traveling and experiencing the authentic beauty of this area of the world. Photo safaris and traveling to game reserves are exciting ways to find true natural beauty. South Africa and surrounding countries have seen a large growth in tourism, and have made great strides in welcoming many people from around the world.

As an expert special needs advocate, I was curious to find out how “special needs friendly” a trip to Africa could be. In discussing the area with my friends, who are South African Nationals, and lead safaris a number of times a year, I was surprised to find out how South Africa has modernized while maintaining it’s original flavor. The food is also plentiful and can be adjusted due to dietary needs.

South Africa has modern hospitals, wi-fi connections in the majority of lodges, electricity and modern cooking facilities, clean drinking water, and roads that are easy to drive on. A number of people in manual wheelchairs have participated in safaris and enjoyed them greatly.

Most people are wanting to go on a safari. These trips into game reserves are adventures lead by nationals, who know the land and the animals habits very well. Although there are lots of animals in the reserves, the safaris are on search of the big 5…

Lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and cape buffalo. These animals, as well as many others, roam freely in the game reserves. Photo safaris are the focus in the reserves.

So, are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?

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