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Margaritaville Is Accessible, Fun Oasis In Jamaica

Parrotheads Rejoice: New Accessible Oasis in Falmouth Jamaica

My family recently went on a terrific cruise aboard Oasis Of The Seas. One morning we docked in Jamaica, not Montego Bay, or Ocho Rios, but Falmouth Jamaica. The port was fine, but most activities were at least 1 hour away. I was aware of some security issues outside of the port area as well. We did not want to spend time on the bus, and my husband was not able to walk long distances, therefore we slept in and just disembarked. We noticed a lot of vendors selling their wares, which was interesting, but a little chaotic, so we moved on.

Much to our surprise, we found a great escape at Margaritaville. The complex included a dining area, plenty of bar options, a store, and a wonderful clean pool. All of this was on a level area, with very few steps, so Doug was able to join in the fun.

Our first stop was the outdoor dining option. We ate “cheeseburgers in paradise”, salads, and wings while watching a variety of entertaining fire eaters, bar games, music, and much more. The food was good, but the atmosphere is what added into the fun day. My son was thrilled with his Cheeseburger platter, and the wings were highly rated. I did find something “healthy” as well. Doug enjoyed watching the action from a shady comfortable area. Lunch with huge portions ran about $15.00 including soft

We moved to the pool area, only a few steps from dining. The pool included a waterfall, hot tub (shaped like a margarita glass) and refreshing swim areas. We were thrilled that the pool was NOT CROWDED!!! The water was refreshing, and there was plenty of room to float around. We really liked the lay out of the pool and spent a couple hours splashing away. By the way, the pool area was FREE!!!

As we were in Jimmy Buffet’s place we naturally had to try a Margarita. They have a number of different flavors and types, with fun glasses to take back to the ship. The service at the land bar and the bar inside the pool was GREAT! It is wonderful to just swim up to the bar for refreshments.

After a few hours we headed back to the ship feeling refreshed, and very happy. I noticed a lot of people from the shore excursions coming back looking hot, tired, and just exhausted. We made a wonderful decision to have a chill day at Margaritaville, Falmouth

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