Vacation By V

The Special Needs Vacation By V Difference — Doing Magical Things For So Many!

  • YES YOU CAN get out of town on a fabulous family vacation and include EVERYONE. Special Needs Vacation By V will show you how to do it.
  • We BELIEVE that people with accessibility challenges should be able to enjoy all kinds of travel. We have personal and professional experiences with many special needs individuals. We can show you how to travel comfortably with accessible activities and accommodations.
  • Yes You Can go inside a cave and explore the stalagmites and rock formations.
  • Yes You Can go zip-lining in the jungle, horseback riding on the beach, or explore the Grand Canyon.
  • Yes You Can have a wonderful family and accessible friendly vacation everyone will enjoy. Special Needs Vacation By V is here to help you create a stress-free, fun-filled adventure.
  • *YES YOU CAN GET OUT OF TOWN in style with Special Needs Vacation By V!

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    Vicky has helped my family take several amazing trips. My husband John David Autin has Parkinson’s and we would not have taken these trips without Vicky being so helpful. She is someone I recommend from the bottom of my heart. We have done some bucket list vacations that my husband loved! Thank you Vicky Spencer Rouse

    Special Needs Vacation By V Helps Parkinson’s Patient and Family
  • Vicky is a travel professional with a very special focus, Accessible Travel. She is creative, detail oriented and enthusiastic about all people being able to travel.

    Jan Scheyer
  • Vicky understands the struggles that physical and emotionally challenged travelers encounter from her own personal experiences and by those of her immediate family.

    Lindsay Larrabee Heabel